Cha seung


Basketball star Im Hyo Sungwas a hardcore người of S.E.S, and most particularly Shoo. She was his first celebrity crush, who eventually became his wife!

2. Cha Seung Won và Lee Soo Jin


Many years before Cha Seung Won found his stardom, he was just a high school student who went to a club. He met Lee Soo Jinfor the first time and they soon sparked up a romantic relationship. They married when she was 24 and he was only 20. It’s been decades since their marriage, & their love continues on strong!

3. Seo Taeji & Lee Ji Ah


Seo Taeji and Lee Ji Ah met when she attended his concert in LA as a tín đồ. A few years later, Seo Taeji moved to America, where the two met & secretly married. About 10 years later, they filed for divorce.

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4. Lee Sun Kyun & Jeon Hye Jin


Before becoming a big time star, Lee Sun Kyun was a nameless actor who was a big fan of Jeon Hye Jin, a famous theater actress at the time. Coincidentally, Sun Kyun’s friend was cast khổng lồ be in her play, so he took the opportunity to lớn meet his idol. He persistently tagged along to lớn her cast outings và eventually stole her heart!

5. Park Hae Il và Seo Yoo Seon


Seo Yoo Seon was a scriptwriter who was a became a fan of Park Hae Ilfor his acting. She went lớn see a play that he was appearing in, and they fell in love!

6. Nam Kyung Joo và Jung Hee Wook


Jung Hee Wook was just a tín đồ who went backstage lớn ask for Nam Kyung Joo‘s signature after his musical. He first took notice of her but they remained as idol and người for 3 years, only meeting each other at his events. One fateful night, they went out for drinks and got to lớn know each other better. That’s when he knew that she was the one!

7. Chae Ryên & Lee Seung Hwan

Chae Rim was a tín đồ of singer Lee Seung Hwan for a long time. The two happened upon each other và married in 2003. However, their marriage was short-lived as they divorced within a couple of years.

8. Hwang Jung Min và Kyên Mi Hye

Hwang Jung Min was a tín đồ of Kyên ổn Mi Hye since they were in high school together. After graduation, they starred in the same musicals, where he began professing his love to lớn her through humble gifts. They soon married and Hwang Jung Min became one of the greademo actors in Korea, while Kim Mi Hye became one of the greathử nghiệm musical producers!

9. Yoon Soo Il & Klặng Sun Shim

Singer Yoon Soo Il‘s mother was diagnosed with cancer with only 6 months left to lớn live sầu. Many of his fans came to lớn support hyên during a time of need but no one stayed longer than Kyên ổn Sun Shyên. Overwhelmed by her love sầu, they married và he credits his wife for his mother miraculously living for 6 more years!

10. Lee Se Joon và Kang Kyung Jin

Kang Kyung Jin was simply a người who sent her idol gifts under a người club nickname. Until one day, she revealed who she was during one of Lee Se Joon‘s concerts. They only thought fondly of each other & parted, but a few years later they met completely by chance and ended up falling in love!

11. Lee Sung Min

Even when Lee Sung Minwas a poor theater actor who barely made any money, his wife was his number one bạn. She continued to lớn support him & fought for their love sầu. They married và had a beautiful daughter. It all worked out in the end because Lee Sung Min is one of the most famous actors in Korea!

12. Juri Ueno và Sho Wada

Japanese actress Juri Uenowas a tín đồ of the band Trikeratop for 17 years! Thanks khổng lồ a comtháng friover, she got the chance to lớn become friends with vocalist Sho Wadomain authority, và love sparked between them!

13. Wesley Snipes và Nikki Park (Park Na Kyung)

Nikki Park was studying abroad in Thành Phố New York when she became a fan of Wesley Snipes. By fate, she had the chance khổng lồ meet hyên ổn in person & they fell in love! They married & now have four beautiful children.

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11 fun facts you may not know about your fave K-pop idols

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