Dear darling water gel tint

Today I"m going to be talking about the Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tints! There are 14 shades in this collection, and this is the largest collection I"ve sầu reviewed in one post, so this is going lớn be a long one! These tints were kindly provided for Review by W2Beauty.

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A water gel tint with a fruity, juicy, moist finish & double the pigment for intense color payoff.

These tints come housed in clear plastic tubes & have sầu a doe foot applicator. I really lượt thích that the tubes are clear because it"s a little easier to tell what colour your picking up, but there are still a few shades that look very similar!




This shade in particular doesn"t adhere well khổng lồ my lips & really sticks in certain spots. It is much better when my lips are super exfoliated and moisturised, but this is also the lighthử nghiệm shade in the collection. It"s really pretty, but does require a lot of lip prep.
This shade has beautiful colour payoff and looks really pretty on my lips! For most of these shades I did vày a couple of layers to lớn get this vibrant colour, but it"s very buildable so you can use it quite sheerly for a gradient lip look too which makes it quite versatile.
This shade is very similar khổng lồ OR204, but it is slightly pinker! There are a lot of red shades in this collection, so there are a few other colours that look like this one too.
This shade is slightly more red in comparison to lớn OR203, but they are quite similar. I don"t think most people would need both shades.
There are 3 pink shades in the collection, và again, they are quite similar on the lips. There are small differences and I definitely have sầu a favourite out of the three, but I don"t think that most people would need all 3 shades.
This is a really pretty shade and I use this shade more than I use PK002. It does have some trouble adhering to my lips properly, so it needs a lot of lip preparation because of the pigmentation.
This shade is very, very similar to lớn PK001, but slightly more red & neon. This isn"t a shade that I reach for often because the neon looks quite intense, but it is pretty.

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This shade looks similar lớn the other two, but it"s just a little softer & dustier in colour. This shade has a milk/cream formula and I find that these milk formulas look much nicer on my lips than the water/gel formulas bởi. They adhere better, and they need a lot less lip prep. This shade is my favourite because you can apply it really lightly and you will get a really pretty MLBB shade.
There are 5 red shades in this collection which I think is a little excessive sầu. Again, they vì all look fairly similar, they have small differences but they are similar.
There were two other orange toned reds in the orange section, but of course those are more orange than they are red (which is why they are in the orange section). This shade is really pretty, but of course does suffer the patchyness that the other shades bởi vì.
This shade is a little more chất lượng because it is a xanh toned red rather than orange. This is really pretty, và definitely a colour I would recommend khổng lồ everyone because this type of red looks beautiful on all skin tones.
I prefer this formula over the water/gel formula and since this shade is almost identical to lớn RD301, I prefer this shade. I find this shade looks nicer on dry lips và it has an almost glossy finish initially too which is cute! These all dry down matte và fairly smudgeproof too.
Sadly the glitters are not very apparent on the lips unless you do about 5 coats of the tint. However, the colour is still really pretty!
This shade is super pretty & quite chất lượng. I consider this khổng lồ be a brown toned red, but it"s also lượt thích a rosy red or a dusty red too depending on how you see and judge colours. This is another of the milk formulas which work beautifully for me.
I called these tints the extra shades because it appears that they are a brown shade and a blaông chồng shade judging by their shade names, but they"re totally not.

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This shade is like a milk formula of OR203/OR204. It"s a little dustier in colour và is still really pretty, but we"ve sầu also had 5 other orange toned reds so far too, so if you like orange toned reds this is the range for you!
This shade is very unique, but it"s not the best chất lượng. This is probably my least favourite shade in the range because it stains my lips very unevenly, và it doesn"t quite get to that rich blackcurrant shade that it swatches as which is quite disappointing. Even when I prep my lips super well the colour just looks a little watery và washed out. I"m quite sad because this shade swatches soo prettily!
Here is what the colour selection looks like all together. You can tell there are some very similar shades, but having them all together does show some key differences. None of them are totally the same, but I think that there are a lot of similar shades, & most people won"t need all 14 of them.
- Very inexpensive sầu at $3.50 each - Pretty, functional packaging- Large colour range- Mostly easy lớn apply- They stain the lips well- Generally last about 5-6 hours