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Inniskhông lấy phí Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask nhận xét, Swatches: Hey guys, so I have combination skin. Therefore clay masks are my best friends forever. Love trying out new ones. I am specially drawn towards korean skin care these days because hello! glass skin! Of late, many K beauty brands have sầu become readily available in India. Today I am going to talk about this clay mask from Inniskhông tính tiền. Initially when I got this, I was wondering, what is so special about “volcanic clay”. So I did a little research, I will talk more about this below.

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What is Volcanic Clay?

Volcanic clay is Sodium Bentonite. So when volcanoes erupt, there are ashes thrown up in the sky besides lava from the crater. These ashes, slowly settle down. Once these ashes combine with salt water, there is chemical reaction and sodium bentonite clay is formed. This clay has excellent absorption as well as anti inflammatory properties. That is why, since its discovery, it has been extensively used in skin care. Because of its amazing absorption capability, it is said to lớn absorb all the gunk from the pores. Also, it effectively exfoliates the skin. That is why, sodium bentonite clay masks are often names as pore cleansing or pore refining masks.

About Inniskhông lấy phí Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Tightens pores + Removes sebum + Exfoliates dead skin cells + Offers deep cleansing + Enhances skin tone + Provides cooling effectsThis clay mask with its super volcanic cluster capsules powerfully absorbs sebum to lớn intensively resolve pore concerns.What is the Super volcanic pore maskJeju volcanic clay is made from minerals released by volcanic explosions in Jeju. It’s categorized as a preserved alkaline resource and is effective sầu in removing sebum và other impurities.Contains 6,0trăng tròn mg of Jeju volcanic clay)Strong removal of sebum thanks to the Super volcanic capsulesAs the capsule bursts, the mask exfoliates và removes dead skin cells. The AHA ingredient chemically exfoliates và smoothes out skin.Clear, Contracted, and Refreshed Pores!The strong absorption of sebum & cooling effect of the clay refreshes the skin and contracts pores

How to lớn Use Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

After cleansing, apply skin toner khổng lồ refine skin texture & gently smooth over entire face, avoiding the eye & lip area.After 10 minutes, gently roll using fingertips khổng lồ rinse off with lukewarm water.

Ingredients in Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Water titanium dioxide, butylene glycol, volcanic ash, glycerin, silica, trehathất bại, kaolin, bentonite, polyvinyl alcohol, caprylic/capric triglyceride, zinch oxide (cl 77947), glyceryl sterate, cetearyl alcohol, juglans regia (walnut) shell power, camelllia sinensis leaf extract, citurs unshiu peel extract, opuntia coccinellifera fruit extract, orchid extract, camellia japonia leaf extract, pvp, peg-100 stearate, polysorbate 60, stearic acid, palmitic acid, hydrogenated vegetable oil, xanthan gum, iron oxides (cl 77499), zea mays (corn) starch, sorbirã stearate, polyacrylate-13, mannitol, microcrystalline celluthua thảm, lactic acid, polyisobutene, menthoxypropanediol, ethylhexylglycerin, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, polysorbate trăng tròn, iron oxides (cl 77491), disodium edta, phenoxyethanol

Price of Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

₹ 1100.00 for 100 mL


In Detail Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask Đánh Giá, Swatches and My Experience

The hàng hóa comes in a lovely deep amber colour plastic tub with an aluminium screw lid. When you open the lid, there is an additional plastic lid inside. All the information about the product are mentioned in detail over the outer carton box. The sản phẩm tub itself only has the necessary details about the sản phẩm. Packaging wise, nothing khổng lồ complain except that i’d have really appreciated if they included a spatula as well.

The product looks gray in colour. The consistency of the hàng hóa is super thick. Its so thiông chồng, that it becomes almost very difficult khổng lồ apply it on the skin. If you use it as it is, you will be able khổng lồ use it but you will need lớn make an extra effort and spover additional couple of minutes than the time you’d spover applying any average clay mask. However, an easy hack is, you can add a few drops of rose water lớn improve the consistency.

It smells lượt thích a clay mask would vì chưng with some freshness in it. I know a lot of people describe the smell as floral or herbal, but I am sorry, I definitely do not get floral or herbal hints at all. If you’re someone who is used to using clay masks, you’ll know what I am talking about once you smell this. It smell lượt thích a normal clay mask would vị with an added fresh element.

How I Use it

First, I wash my face with my face wash và then I was my hands with my antiseptic hvà soap. I then use my fingers to apply it straight from the tub on my skin. No I vì chưng not phối it with rose water because I have become used khổng lồ its consistency. So although it takes a little longer, I am able khổng lồ apply it as it is. I also vày not use a spatula or a spoon because I always wash my hands before applying anything on my face. Also, clean hands are as good as a clean spoon.

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Immediately after application, I get a cooling minty sensation on my skin which is very welcome in this season. The cooling sensation does last for a while as the mask begins lớn dry on my skin. It takes about 10 minutes on my skin for the mask lớn dry properly in an air conditioned environment. The mask may take slightly longer or less time to dry depending on the environment và your skin type. Upon drying, it does not give sầu a super dry và stretchy feeling, but still you can feel the mask has dried on you. Then I wash it off with normal temperature water.


So after washing it off, I definitely see a brightening effect on my skin. My skin actually feels lượt thích its calm as well as smooth. It also reduces redness around my nose area. I can see the pores around my nose shrink slightly, but this effect lasts only for about 2 to lớn 3 hours. However the best effect of this face mask is the way it controls the oils on my face. Whenever I use it in the morning, the oily areas on my face vày not get greasy or shiny for the entire day. This is the reason why I love sầu using this before I put on makeup for an occasion.

On the downside, the oil-control effect lasts only for about a day. So I have to use it again the next day if I want the same results.

Overall Verdict

The effects of this face mask though temporary, are pretty impressive sầu. That is why this is one of my favourite face masks khổng lồ use. Regular application of this mask definitely helps pores stay clean & nice. However do not expect this khổng lồ remove existing blackheads or whiteheads. I specially advise ladies with oily, combination & normal skin types to lớn try this out. Dry skin beauties definitely should try it as well, however not sure how its oil controlling properties will behave sầu on dry skin beauties. Therefore if you have dry skin, definitely moisturise well after using any clay based mask.

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PROs of Inniskhông tính tiền Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

1. Like the packaging, its travel friendly and informative sầu. 2. Love sầu the cooling sensation it gives upon application. 3. Controls oils on my face amazingly for an entire day. 4. Slightly reduces the kích thước of the pores for a few hours. 5. Contains lactic acid as the AHA. So it is able to lớn exfoliate the skin as well. 6. Does not take too long lớn dry and does not make the skin feel too stretchy when dry.

CONs of Inniskhông tính tiền Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

1. Lots of chemicals in the ingredients menu. 2. I wish the effects were even more long lasting. 3. The thiông chồng consistency may be a problem for some. 4. No effects on existing breakouts. My Mario Badescu drying lotion is my HG for that purpose. 5. Does not 100% deep clean all the pores entirely.

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MBF Advises

1. Always moisturise your face after using any face mask specially clay based masks. Use a moisturiser according to lớn your skin type. Apply a sunscreen as well if you’re going to lớn be out in the sun. 2. Always wash your skin before applying any mask. Also, wash your hands properly if you are going to lớn use your fingers like I do. 3. Keep the tub tightly shut to prsự kiện drying of the mask.